We sell most of the industrial enzymes used today across a broad range of industries ; all at very competitive prices.

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Our range of tailor-made biological solutions can tackle many industrial & retail waste problems.

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Our broad range of speciality products are aimed at the Pharma/R&D sector, & also the nutritionals industry.

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An exciting new area for our company, creating innovative products for domestic & agricultural use.

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Food functionality

Food and DrinkWe have a comprehensive range of food-grade enzymes for all sorts of food applications from cheese making to meat tenderization.

    • Lactase (beta galactosidase), can be used for several different applications in the dairy industry such as in cultured milk products,  ice cream & the treatment of whey protein
    • A range of proteases (both exo & endo-proteases), suitable for a variety of application areas such as meat tenderization, flavour modification & enhancement, viscosity reduction of fish-stick water & much more...

                       Papain 6500L (liquid protease from Papaya)

                       Papain S-500 (high strength powder protease from Papaya)

                       Protease AP-30L Product sheet (liquid protease with both exo & endo activities)

                       Protease AT-FG Product sheet (highly activity liquid alkaline protease)

                       Protease BS-L Product sheet (liquid neutral protease)