We sell most of the industrial enzymes used today across a broad range of industries ; all at very competitive prices.

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Our range of tailor-made biological solutions can tackle many industrial & retail waste problems.

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Our broad range of speciality products are aimed at the Pharma/R&D sector, & also the nutritionals industry.

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An exciting new area for our company, creating innovative products for domestic & agricultural use.

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Available in either encapsulated granulate or liquid form, our detergent enzymes are proven performers & appear in many domestic & industrial laundry formulations, as well as other specialist cleaning products. We can also offer formulation advice to maximise performance.

    • Medium alkalinity protease to break down protein based stains such as egg, grass, blood at medium temperatures

                      Protease AT-5L product sheet

    • Higher alkalinity protease to break down protein based stains at higher pH & lower temperatures

                      Protease ST-4L Product Information Sheet

    • Alkaline alpha amylase to break down starchy soilings such as pasta, gravy, chocolate & baby food. Starch can often act as a glue on fabrics, preventing the removal of other stains, so the use of an amylase in conjunction with a protease is strongly recommended for maximum stain removal effect Amylase TT-12L Product Information Sheet      Amylase TT-500 Product Information Sheet           
  •                       Bleach-stable proteases & amylase variants of the above


    • Alkaline liquid lipase enzyme for fatty stains such as those from cooking oils, cosmetics & fats 

                       Lipase NL-GX/GXT Product Information Sheet