We sell most of the industrial enzymes used today across a broad range of industries ; all at very competitive prices.

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Our range of tailor-made biological solutions can tackle many industrial & retail waste problems.

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Our broad range of speciality products are aimed at the Pharma/R&D sector, & also the nutritionals industry.

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An exciting new area for our company, creating innovative products for domestic & agricultural use.

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Industrial Enzymes

Microbes have been used by mankind in a variety of processes for many hundreds of years. One of the oldest applications is in the production of cheese, where microbes and the enzymes they produce, were used centuries before the birth of Christ to help curdle the milk & allow separation from the remaining liquids (whey).

Enzymes are a naturally occurring part of our environment & are quickly broken down when they have done their job. Thus enzymes are full biodegradable, & offer a highly efficient alternative to many harmful chemicals without threatening our environment.

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