We sell most of the industrial enzymes used today across a broad range of industries ; all at very competitive prices.

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Our range of tailor-made biological solutions can tackle many industrial & retail waste problems.

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Our broad range of speciality products are aimed at the Pharma/R&D sector, & also the nutritionals industry.

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An exciting new area for our company, creating innovative products for domestic & agricultural use.

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Home / Garden / Farm

Apart from their excellent work devising innovative products for industry, our scientists create products that can be used in the home, the garden or on the farm. There is only one stipulation; that the products they create solve problems, save money & offer ‘best in class’ performance.


domestic septic tank treatments

garden pond treatments

drain clear products

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Enzyme Supplies is working on a range of products for the agricultural industry to pre-treat slurry & effluents, allowing more efficient disposal, or their use in aerobic digestors & biogas plants. The objective of the process is to hydrolyse organic solids, solubilise them, and make them more readily biodegradable. Hydrolysis disrupts cellular material, floc particles and organic macromolecules, so the pre-treated slurry is less viscous and easier to pump. In addition, solids separation of the hydrolysed slurry is improved & ultimately reduces the quantity of sludge for final disposal.