We sell most of the industrial enzymes used today across a broad range of industries ; all at very competitive prices.

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Our range of tailor-made biological solutions can tackle many industrial & retail waste problems.

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Our broad range of speciality products are aimed at the Pharma/R&D sector, & also the nutritionals industry.

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An exciting new area for our company, creating innovative products for domestic & agricultural use.

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Enzyme Supplies Biological products work by introducing a specially selected range of ‘friendly’ resilient bacteria into drains, septic tanks, grease traps or indeed anywhere where blockages, build-ups, or malodours are a problem. These friendly bacteria immediately start digesting the food source that is contained within the situation by producing a range of enzymes such as lipase to degrade grease, uricase to degrade urine compounds etc. The friendly bacteria colonise on the food source, pipework, floor etc and continue the digestion process for as long as the food source exists. The waste product from these friendly bacteria is carbon dioxide and water. In this process the good bacteria take away the food source for the bad bacteria to survive and on this basis the bad bacteria are killed off.

In addition, Enzyme Supplies produced tailor made bacterial & enzymatic treatments for waste water streams where high water treatment costs can be dramatically reduced. This involves a detailed analysis of the waste water, production of a bespoke bacterial treatment solution to counter the main polluting elements which are added to the waste stream via an automated dosing system. Even after a few days, dramatic improvements in waste water quality can be observed which can result in huge savings in water treatment costs, & Enzyme Supplies is so confident in its biological waste water treatment systems that we will demonstrate the effectiveness & potential savings at the customers’ facility over a two week period, free of charge!